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Part of creating a kinder, gentler world involves learning about and respecting animals and the other living things with whom we share this planet. Teaching our children to be respectful of and kind to animals and the natural world is also vital. Amorak & Friends consists of articles and reviews on topics of importance to animals, the environment and, subsequently, ourselves. The information at this site will be updated frequently so please visit often - and tell your friends. Together we can make Earth a healthier and more humane place to live.

All articles, reviews and photos (unless otherwise noted) at this site are © N. Glenn Perrett

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Amorak & Friends is in memory of Chips, Brandy, McDuff, Amorak, Nanaimo, Teddy, Tasha, Gandalf, Winston, Rufus, Nollaig, Grinn, Gleannan, Ebony, Samantha, Rhew, Nestor and Squeakers. These cherished family members, along with the animals who currently share our lives, have been wonderful friends whose lives we have been fortunate to be a part of.

This site is dedicated to all of the animals who have suffered as a result of our species.

April 30, 1981 - September 19, 1996

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